Benefits of 100% natural dehydrated chews & treats.

Single Ingredient Products

All products are single ingredient products, which means there are no additives, coloring, flavours, preservatives.

Its 100% beef, chicken, shark, Lamb, etc. Nothing else added.


Dehydrated - not cooked

All Gatchews Treats and Chews - use a slow-drying process to remove the moisture from the quality products results in an amplified flavor profile irresistible to pets. This process is all-natural with no added chemicals or additives.

And because its not cooked, bones are less likely to shatter and cause harm o your pets.

Full of vitamins

Dried meat products still contain essential vitamins and nutrients which are beneficial to your pet. The water is removed leaving a product that taste great and still full of goodness.

These can promote healthy joints, coat and bones.

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