It's all about Dog's

Single Ingredient, All natural, Human-grade treats & chews

Dog food, sustainable, eco-friendly.

Gift your dog all-natural dog treats sourced, human-grade

All natural Dog shampoos, Conditioners & Colognes

Perfect supplements to maintain your Dog's health.

Natural Flea & Tick protection

Ensure your dog always smells there best with Dog Cologne

Eco=friendly dog bowls for Food, Water & travelling

Great range of natural dog collars & leashes

Range of Bio-degradable or Compostable Poop Bags

Eco-friendly pee pads for Puppies

Toys made form Hemp, cotton or Rubber. All natural

Chew times

Chew times can vary depending on the type of product, ingredients and size of your pet. We have tried our best to help guide you based on an average dog chew time.

Experiment with your pet and find the right chew time length.


Whether its a treat, or something to keep them busy for an afternoon. You can find the perfect treat or chew for Dog