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To create the safest and most effective products for you and your family.

Range of:

Natural Supplements for Dogs & Cats
Natural Flea & Tick spray

Why our products?

Vet recomended

Hand mixed in USA

GMO & Cruelty FREE

"Ever since I found this line of shampoos I have not even thought for a second to ever replace it! My pup Sammy has the softest, silkiest hair, his skin is moisturized & the fragrance is so nice! I love that it’s organic, cruelty free, and vegan ! Win/win in all ways"

Syuzanna A.

"Hunter has multiple allergies and was always scratching-Since using the shampoo I’d dramatically decreased when we added the conditioner the scratching and decreased further!! The scent is an added bonus it lasts!!"


Suellen l.

"Incredibly happy with this hip/joint supplement! Knowing my fur babies are getting quality ingredients at there young ages is crucial to there well being.
Thank you Kin+Kind for your amazing products!


Debbie M.